Who is religious?

These days, nearly anything is labeled as “religious” (in the negative sense) if it disagrees. Sometimes just pointing out how the Bible defines sin earns us the badge of “religious”. “Religion”, in the negative sense, means any form of pride or ego, or self-glory, or self-interest,  or any form of manipulation done in the name of Christ: so, we can say that “religion” is non-relational, in the true sense, and true religion is truly relational in God.

True relationship is supplanted by all the above. You can’t be in true relationship with folks who do these things i just mentioned.

So, if this is true, then many who claim to hate “religion” are, themselves, just as much a “religious spirit” as anyone else.

The church assembly where there is no program to follow, but true. close friendship and fellowship, relating to one another as equal brothers and sisters, THIS is the most non-religious church you will find. But it’s hard for those still under the church-system paradigm to understand that this is non-religious, they will see it as just another form of religion.

It turns out that “religious” means different things to different people. I remember seeing a young man on Youtube rail against religion, and yet his views seem to constitute another kind of religion, just as “religious” as the type he was railing against. Any manifestation of arrogance, or pride, or self-love is a religious spirit. If a person is proud that they are not religious, they are still religious.

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