I realize the “kingdom now”, “dominionists”, “reconstructionists” and “universalists” have hijacked the use of the word “Kingdom”, and yet the reality of Christ’s Kingdom advancing daily, on earth as it is in heaven, remains. No, it’s not all about health, wealth and power, yet there are fringe benefits, there is a hundred-fold blessing now, of mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, with persecution, for those who’ve forsaken everything to follow Jesus, and still our Lord commanded us to pray daily, His Kingdom come, His will be done, and therefore we are to see the answer to these prayers daily, in our homes, marriages, workplace, and fellowships. Going to bed tonight i should be able to thank my Father i saw His Kingdom come today in the lives of some precious people, looking for the blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, coming to judge the living and the dead.


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