Interface with Babylon

Revelation 17 and 18 explains there is a religious system of “Christendom” which claims to be “the church” and yet God calls it a “prostitute”, not His church at all. Its claim to be the church is therefore a false claim.

Now, to be in denial about this Babylon’s existence is tantamount to denying God’s word. It will also mean deep confusion if we call corrupt institutions “the church”. It dishonors God, misrepresents Jesus Christ something awful, and causes His sheep to go astray.


So, there’s a true church universal, the body of Christ, and there’s a harlot, but according to chapter 18 there are members of the body of Christ still joined to the harlot, and Jesus is calling them to “Come out!”.

So, if members of Christ are still members of the harlot (which is a deeply conflicted spiritual state to be in, deep confusion, for Babylon means confusion) this means that those who’ve come out of Babylon will need to reach out to those still in Babylon, there needs to be an interface between the true church (which is not an organization or institution) and the false church, the great prostitute, for the sake of God’s elect still stuck in the system.

True members of Christ still stuck in the system will respond honestly when their eyes are opened to the corruption. But false Christians will duck, swerve and, like a snake, slip out of facing such reality when it is put before them. They are experts at twisting things around, changing the subject, and double-talk. Their only defense is to talk in circles, and at this point we give up, not wanting to argue with them.

I challenge anyone reading this to try asking honest questions to anyone in the religious hierarchies and see if you get intelligent, honest answers. If you do get honest answers it could be that you’ve found a true brother still trapped in Babylon.


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