What’s wrong with this statement?

What’s wrong with this statement?

There’s no such thing as a word of God that does not WORK

Things can be put to work but no man puts God to work. The word of God is living and powerful and yet it’s not a thing, not a tool, not an implement for man’s use.

If i buy a lawnmower and it works well i’m using a thing quite separate from the man who made it. The man who made the lawnmower has no connection to my using it, as when i purchased the machine it became my property to do with as i like, nothing to do with its maker. I don’t need to call the maker of the lawnmower each time i want to use it and inform him, for there’s no relation between the lawnmower and its maker. It’s a thing, an object, a machine.

Now, things, and only things, can be used as such, and it’s only of things which we can say, “It works!’

You cannot say of God’s word, “I tried IT out and IT works!” Only a totally spiritually bankrupt person, totally blind, would say such a thing.

Talk about pagan superstition, talk about witchcraft!

Another thing regarding the word of God “working for you”: the assumption is that the individual is the center of the universe, and they’ve found something which works FOR THEM. “The word of God will work for you!” : the assumption being, you are the center of the universe, you are greater than God in that, now, God is working for you: you are the center, and God is your butler.

The correct way to view the word of God, the inspired scriptures, is that they are living and powerful, authoritative, WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF ONE’S RELATIONSHIP TO GOD, within the context of one’s faithful, loving submission to God’s will, glory and purpose in Christ.

But if, however, one removes the word of God from this, God’s purpose in speaking, they are actually trying to “use” God’s word in an idolatrous manner. Only idols can be “used” for man’s purposes, God never will. So, it’s a very clever deception, then, and one which could “nearly” deceive the elect if it were possible, for it “uses” the holy word of God, but in so doing, excludes God and deifies man. The people who push this doctrine have seared consciences: they are only about money, mammon is their god, and yet their conscience doesn’t twinge when they have the audacity to say, “Jesus is Lord!”.

False teachers can say, “Jesus is Lord!” with all confidence, since it is not the Jesus of the Bible they serve, it’s “another Jesus”, so, they are saying that their false christ is “Lord”. Jesus is Lord, yes, but which “Jesus” are we talking about: the “money Jesus” or Jesus of Nazareth? Paul warned emphatically that “another Jesus”, a fake “Jesus”, would be presented to people.

It’s pagan superstition to say or imply that God’s word “works” for people – that they can put IT to work for them.

And it’s here where the simple-minded or naive trip over, for they assume anything where the Bible is quoted must be to do with God.

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