Time and Intelligence

The first genius was the first man. Adam was a genius from the day he was made, he was made that way. Intelligence was a gift from God, not something man evolved. Adam was not a savage, they came later.

In the modern world people are not smarter, they’re simply standing on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before.

What did people do with their spare time before the technological, mass media, internet age? I assume they spent a lot of time thinking, praying, reading and talking with family and friends.

If the passage of time is not marked and noted we tend to lose the value of time, it slips thru our fingers like grains of sand, and we tend to lose the significance of our place or position in history, and the fact that what we do today will also, one day, be only a memory.

How much rest do we need? Enough to get the job done, in that proportion. They’ll be enough time when our work on earth is over to rest in heaven.

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