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I would prefer to doubt myself before I would ever doubt the word of God. If we’re honest we will admit that the source of any doubt is our sinful flesh.

I’ve listened to many objections to certain verses of the Bible, and it always turned out that the Bible was right and they were wrong – never yet heard a valid objection to any truth in the Bible, it’s always a case of misunderstanding the text, and usually the machinations of the natural mind without the Holy Spirit’s tutelage, and I’ve never found an objector whose personal, spiritual life was in order.

I’ve never found the Holy Spirit at variance with anything written in the Text.

If people don’t want to obey what God says their only option is to try and find fault with what He says, for how else can they justify themselves?

Any interpretation of the Bible which is not objective tends toward idolatry.

When the Bible is not the sole source of absolute truth for a person then the devil always lays in wait to take advantage of them, offering them substitutes. Anytime i’ve met a person who has refused to believe certain Bible truths, they always believe doctrines of demons in its place – failure to believe any truth always results in believing a lie, by default. Unless a spiritual truth originates from the Bible it can’t be called truth.


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