Pragmatism or Kingdom?

Pragmatism is thinking like this, “Do whatever produces more results or more fruit”, and we have pragmatists equally in house churches as we do in traditional churches, in that some are of the view traditional churches have more fruit or greater results, and some say the same of house church or organic church, however a Kingdom view is not so pragmatic, it defers first to the King – is He in it, does it reveal Him? And evaluating the fruit or success of a church is fraught with difficulty, everyone has different criteria for success or fruitfulness, better to wait for Jesus to evaluate it.

The essential difference between NT churches and traditional or institutional churches is the NATURE OF THE RELATIONSHIPS within them, whether they are Godly relationships where Jesus is glorified thru the relationships or friendships. The more relational a church is the more Jesus is revealed. How the members of a church relate to one another reveals how much they know Jesus.
What’s wrong with these statements, “House churches produce better Christians” ? Or, “Traditional churches produce better Christians” ?

For a start, there are no “better” Christians.

When i left the IC (institutional church) for house churches i didn’t become a “better” Christian, or come closer to the Lord than before, but over time i think i grew and matured better than if i stayed in the IC. Over the last 30 years i can’t say i’ve met “better” Christians in house churches than i knew in traditional churches, and i’ve think i’ve met the same percentage of nutters or wolves in both. But that’s not the reason i do church the way i do, it’s not an issue of which works better or which is more suited to me, i try to follow the orders the Head of the Church left for His people to follow, like, for example, the directions for church in 1 Cor. 14. He had a good reason for giving us these directions to heed.


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