This is from a few years ago:

On a blog a brother questioned what i said from Matt. 23 about Jesus forbidding the use of spiritual titles, and said that if we do that then we would not be recognizing or honoring true leadership. He also said that the use of titles always means a mark of respect. My reply:

a) Jesus was referring to spiritual titles, not to secular (like, Dr.) or family ones, like mom and dad etc.

b) The early church was first comprised of Jews and it was a big departure for them to not refer to someone by a spiritual title like Rabbi or Teacher, but they did so out of obedience to Jesus.

Here’s a simple logic: they didn’t use titles and yet they had full honor and respect for the different gifts in the church. So why can’t we do so today?

c) Jesus commanded us to teach everything He taught, including these commands (in Matt. 28). Many Pastors have stopped allowing people to call them Pastor or Reverend since Matt. 23 came to their attention.

d) I didn’t say that the use of titles is always an issue of pride. If they defend it after being shown what Jesus commanded, THEN it becomes an issue of pride. But many Pastors have never considered these commands bcos they are following the example of others in a way which causes them to overlook what Jesus said.


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