According to Darwinian evolution, if mankind succeeds in destroying as many other organisms as he can, or destroys most of mankind by nuclear weapons, this has to be seen in evolutionary terms, as everything is understood in evolutionary terms, for if man becomes extinct, or causes the extinction of many other species, then it’s in the same category as any other historical extinction, like the dinosaurs, nothing to be concerned about, it’s evolution!  …It’s nature taking its course, and, man, like any other species, is evolving, and it will be the survival of the fittest.

We certainly could not refer to any moral absolutes, could we, if these things are simply mankind evolving? If humans are evolving this way, who can object? Darwin could not, could he?

Natural selection in animals and people can be observed to a very limited extent, it’s not hard to grasp the concept that certain animals, and nearly all people, choose their mates, but how do plants “choose their mates”? How did we get from a single cell plant in the primeval slime to billions of diverse plants if they are not naturally selecting like animals do? I did a little research and there appears to be a scientific black hole here.

Animals choose their mates, but i very much doubt they are as picky as humans are in their selection. Do animals evaluate all the available suitors as to their genetic superiority, and then select the “best” one? Do they seek their perfect match? Pretty slim chance. Do they refuse to mate with another if all the boxes are not ticked? Are they THAT intelligent to be able to make such an informed, researched decision as to which suitor is the genetically superior one to breed with? Maybe they look for certain traits, but how do they know which traits will help strengthen the species, according to Darwinian evolution? Do rabbits know that having more offspring increases the chances of survival of the species? I highly doubt it, but good on them if they know that.


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