Legitimate Christians in illegitimate churches

There are many legitimate believers in illegitimate churches simply because they don’t yet know what a legitimate church is, which is nothing surprising. They’ve not seen it yet, they’ve never been to one.
The Lord saved me on January 15, 1987, and looking back I now know that the first two churches I was involved with were definitely illegitimate, though I was blissfully ignorant of that fact at the time. Both pastors of those churches have since fallen away from the faith, and thousands shipwrecked and backslidden in their faith.
And there were many others just like me. Actually, most of the body of Christ today is temporarily parked in illegitimate churches, in a cul-de-sac and don’t know the way out. They have a nagging feeling that some thing’s very wrong but can’t put their finger on it.
This causes huge damage to people’s ability to think and discern. They are conditioned into thinking that speaking the truth frankly is not loving, therefore they can’t seem to get a handle on the fact that we can love all the church universal, the body of Christ, and extend fellowship to all the faithful in Christ Jesus, maintaining the unity of the Spirit, while at the same time boldly declaring the absolute, immutable plumb line of God’s word: how it was always supposed to be.
We tend to forget that the church is simply people, people just like us. We want to relate to them as the people that they are in Christ, not relate to them conditionally on the basis of where they go to church, as more and more fringe Christians are doing, they cannot accept that the unity of the body of Christ is already established by Him regardless of where people go to church.
We can call out a church as illegitimate, according to the standard of God’s word, and yet be totally FOR the saints who currently attend it. If we can’t do that we are very immature, and so immature we should not be teaching God’s word.

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