More on hyper-exclusive

More of my FB comments on hyper-exclusivity:

Regarding hyper-exclusivity, when it is done by people who should know better, it is then a matter of misguided zeal and a kind of unyielding idealism which they try to play out in all situations like a role-playing game, which becomes unreal, and it’s rightfully interpreted as phoniness.

If people are born again they are our brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of where they attend church, so then how we serve them reveals where we really are in relation to Jesus. Yes, so if Jesus is knocking on the door of the Laodicean church perhaps He may use us as His instruments to teach them what Jesus is saying?

Yes, the headship of Christ is vital, so we need to teach it. And on the other hand, the alternatives to the traditional church often disregard His headship in real terms while boastfully claiming it, there may be more religious nutters in the “out of church” camp than in the religious system.. Hyper-exclusive is a good example, such people talk a lot about Jesus but barely know Him, they say we are compromising by fellowshipping with godly people in the church system, but don’t understand that their view is a compromise, a twisting of scripture to justify a convenient lifestyle.

And i was surprised to learn that the organic movement in America is swarming with Liberals. Give me any evangelical than a Liberal any day.


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