Squirming on their seat

If these FACTS cause someone to squirm on their seat, or even go red in the face with anger…

a)  Most of the body of Christ attends institutional churches.

b) There are RARE cases where evangelical pastors do not abuse spiritual authority, nor lord it over people, and do not restrict the expression of the gifts in the body.

c) Jesus hold us accountable for what we know, not what we don’t know.

d) One can  authoritatively teach and exhort the NT pattern for churches  without belittling, or acting superior to, those who attend institutional churches.

e)  Serving the body of Christ in the institutional churches does not have to mean compromising the truth of God’s word (in fact, if we didn’t serve them we would be compromising the word of God something awful).

…  then they’ve got real problems they need to deal with straight away.

And if anyone can’t acknowledge these facts PLEASE do not bother commenting on how evil the church is, for you have no credibility.



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