Trivialization of Jesus

A balanced view of the significance of the NT pattern:

…And on the other hand…

ON THE ONE HAND… the Apostolic guidelines in the NT are from Jesus, directly. If you ever wanted to know how Jesus wants His churches He would point you to chapters like 1 Cor. 14, for example, this was and is Him speaking thru Paul, so it’s very serious when a person studies these chapters then consciously rejects the counsel there. And there are very real consequences when people willfully reject God’s counsel, especially when they do so for their own selfish reasons.

AND ON THE OTHER HAND… It is a TRIVIALIZATION of Jesus to make it sound like He is only interested in how we “do church”, and more interested in that than what kind of people we are, or of our love, faith, holiness and obedience to Him, and it is not reality to characterize all attenders of institutional churches as “victims” of “the system”, or all pastors as wolves.

It would be a gross misunderstanding of the Kingdom of God to think that EVERYTHING HINGES simply on how we do meetings, or on church government etc.

Unless we acknowledge that a man can attend “The First Baptist Church” AND be fully pleasing Jesus, AND obey the Lord, and preach the gospel and edify the body of Christ, WITHOUT compromising, WITHOUT being some hapless “victim” of the religious system, then we’re slightly out of touch with the reality of the REAL Jesus. If we are out of touch with reality, like that, then house church hasn’t done us much good.

Church assembling together is the CREAM ON THE CAKE, it’s not the cake, it’s not what you actually are IN CHRIST 24/7. Let’s first have the cake then the cream on the cake, but not the cream without the cake.


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