The whole counsel of God

A comment i made on FB: There’s always two sides to the coin, true, salvation does not depend on us, and on the other hand we can’t use that to avoid accountability. Otherwise, any kind of sin in saved Christians must be due to God failing to prevent them, which would be absurd. The grace of God keeps us from sin, but if we do sin it wasn’t the grace of God which failed, it was us. So, don’t depend on yourself, and also don’t depend on an escape clause of not being accountable to God for what you do. If you fall away you will be lost, Scripture warns repeatedly. Don’t believe you will fall away, don’t live in doubt, but if you did fall away you would be lost, according to Scripture. Paul said that if he did not keep his body under control he would become a “reprobate” (exact Greek word). So, we see the absurdity in departing from the whole counsel of God.

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