Who satisfies the conscience?

In a Bob Dylan song he talks about the conscience: “…you cannot depend on it to be your guide, when it’s YOU who must keep it satisfied…” This is true for the natural man, he is cut off from God, therefore he’s left alone with his guilty conscience to try and make terms of peace with his own conscience: make a deal with his own conscience, if you like: do something good to tip the scales of justice in his favor, by outweighing the bad: “If I go to church that’s a good thing, and that atones for the bad things I’ve done”. He’s trying to satisfy or assuage his guilty conscience with good things, but this is self righteousness, he sits in the place of God declaring himself righteous.

And while there are guilty consciences, churches will have no shortage of patrons, but true churches don’t work that way, it’s a question of a new life, a new creation, not a guilty conscience. Because your life is with God, it follows your life will be with His people – that’s where your life is.


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