Random comments

If Hillary had won she would just as much be a “messiah” figure for Liberals as Trump is for many fundamentalists. Let’s have a reality check and a balanced view.

It’s okay to build a security fence anywhere, except along the Mexican border!!

The President is the de facto President of the World, until something changes the equation. This is why he is discussed more than any other world leader.

A Liberal could not conscientiously have any moral objection if the President were a cross-dresser who slept in a different person’s bed each night. On what moral grounds could they object, if he’s happy and not hurting anyone, right?

Every 1440 minutes I allocate about 2 minutes to think about politics.

Unless one has Biblical moral standards how can they argue against hypocrisy, why is it wrong, on what grounds? Why is hypocrisy bad, and sexual immorality not? Who decides this? It’s Ellen or Oprah who become the conscience of the masses.


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