Hi, my name is Ian, i’m 54, i live in a 10ft x 14ft cabin with my wife, Sheela (our kids have their own cabins) in a beautiful location by a river in the jungle in NE India, with a tea garden on one side, and a beautiful whitewater river and jungle on the other. It is paradise, and we thank God for it every day.

We also share our place with two beloved German Shepherds and a cat.

Our net connection is not fast enough to download videos, i haven’t watched TV since 1987, i get the news via the net. Some people get annoyed if i don’t reply to them fast enough, not understanding my net connection comes and goes. Also the power comes and goes. And also, Facebook is not my life.

BTW, i use Facebook as a missionary medium, that’s why there’s a lot about Jesus. Because people’s lives matter. They will die and go to hell without Jesus. So we preach Jesus. And i don’t give a hoot whether people like that or not. That’s the love of God.

Though my FB posts are usually serious in nature, i’m not always serious, i’m always having fun with the kids.

Likes: Genuine people, honest people, humble people, thinking people.

Dislikes: Shallow people… modern music, Christian television, Televangelists…

I think contemporary music is the result of the dumbing-down of society.

We are in the process of building a camping ground for kayakers, outdoors people and anyone who wants to get away from the city for a while.

I train a few local village boys in kayaking, they are preparing for a big race in Rishikesh at the moment. Our two sons and one daughter also do whitewater kayaking. I love kayaking, and i also love the fact that it keeps me fit and healthy, and i get to meet people. Had to make a determined decision to stay in shape some years back, but only recently am i getting results (getting thinner, and consequently less fatigue, better health) What’s the point of becoming a fat slob then getting sick? Not worth it.

Sundays we go to Shillong (1 hour away) and meet with some dear friends in a room behind a cafe and encourage one another with the things the Lord is teaching us from His word. Our meetings are totally non-religious in nature.

At our camp, the Shillong Whitewater Village, we enjoy meeting folks from different countries and from around India. We invite visitors to sit with us for family prayer, there is no pressure on them to do so, we leave them with their own space.

We are very blessed to have genuine friends over many years from a few different nations.

That’s all for now…… thanks for reading.




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