A contradiction?

Some of my friends struggle to understand how I can be so emphatic about obeying the New Testament pattern for church and the Christian life, and yet be in fellowship with, and respect and honor many brethren who don’t follow the New Testament pattern for church, and yet who still love the Lord and trust Him. It’s quite a common error these days to think that to love people means you have to totally agree with everything they do. I think the reason some find it hard to come to terms with this, and think it’s a contradiction, is they don’t yet know how deceitful the human heart really is, that is, they might just well be selectively choosing scriptures which they think justify the selfish life they want to live: a self-justification, or a legal loop-hole by which they can avoid sacrificially laying down their lives for their brothers and sisters in Christ, and in this way, with the devil’s help, totally miss God’s will for their lives, while thinking they are doing God’s will.

The subject of fellowship and the church system is a BIG subject. The specific issue i wanted touch here is concerning the occasion when a Christian has no fellowship because THEY are at fault, but won’t face the reality that they have chosen a path which justifies their lack of real love, that they don’t want to lay down their lives for others. No two people are the same, there are varying elements in play. It can be self-protection, it can be a legal thing, but their own law they are bound to, could be trying to live out a theoretical position which simply does not add up to reality.



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