Church paranoia?

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For me, 30 years ago, as a young Christian, i remember beginning to develop a certain paranoia about false churches and false pastors, based on Bible truth, but not having the maturity to be able to deal with these matters from a position of strength and security, more from a position of inadequacy, so i was more like trying to run away from something i wasn’t emotionally ready to face.  This is called lack of equipping: reacting because we are not equipped to deal with it in a godly way.  That’s probably fairly normal. But these days I feel quite okay visiting nearly any church and having respectful dialogue with most people i meet who are in the church system. It wasn’t always like that, though.


One Response to “Church paranoia?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Also, when people are on a crusade against the “evil church” or “evil pastors” they tend to be unable to relate with these people at all, and therefore, how can you help people when you, yourself, do not have the strength of love to face them in real life, and engage in a respectful dialogue?

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