How much Pharisee still inside?

A comment i made on FB: There’s varying degrees of “Pharisee”, as, in our sinful flesh, the old man, dwells a Pharisee just looking for his opportunity. Some of the out-of-churchers I’ve known don’t fit the pattern of a Bible Pharisee, they are born again, their lives have been changed, however there’s still “stuff”, we could even say psychological barriers inside. This has been my own experience, getting victory and healing over these things, with still more to go. It’s a very complex subject: how we “come out of babylon” AND THEN, how we help others come out of babylon. To cut oneself off from the true and actual body of Christ, thinking we are honoring Jesus by way of separation from the unclean, is a deception.

Jesus says, “Come out of babylon MY PEOPLE“. This means they are already His people, they are saved and born again, and yet still “in babylon”, still captive to religion. This then means, to help others come out of babylon there has to be access into the religious system. Remember, it’s “mystery babylon“. There’s no border fence with a sign “welcome to babylon”, it’s only perceived spiritually, by the Holy Spirit.



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