Testing our faith


Right through the Bible God tested the faith of people, and they had to pass the test before they could progress or move on in the purpose of God, Abraham being a notable case. It’s no different today, He tests our faith, and we must pass the test to progress. If we fail the test, we must sit it again, and again. You never find any hero of the faith who had an easy life, whose faith was not put to the test.

One thing, God doesn’t test us to find out new information about us, as if He didn’t already know, He tests us to make the reality which we have in Him to be manifest to all, and not kept hidden, as it it should be, God should be glorified by means of His goodness being manifest in our lives, not hidden. Testing manifests the glory of God.

So, if we look at trials and difficulties as a test of our faith, that understanding, in itself, strengthens us to overcome it all.


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