FILLED or not filled

I’ve been discussing lately what it means to be “filled” with the Holy Spirit.

Here’s an example between being filled and not filled. Someone brings a demon possessed person to your house for deliverance, then you realize you are not filled enough with the Holy Spirit to do it, and you wish you were, as you have been in times past.

It highlights the fact there are certain things in the Christian life you just can’t do unless you’re filled with the Holy Spirit.


4 Responses to “FILLED or not filled”

  1. Danette Says:

    This is an on-time word for me, Ian. I have been in a lot of useless inner worry over a family member who I know needs deliverance from evil spirits. I want to do my part each day in being filled with the Holy Spirit so that in Gods timing I will step into how He wants to use me in this situation.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    I’m sure that the genuine conviction of the Holy Spirit is to lead us to wholeness. If we are convicted that we are not ready to deal with such situations that means He has convicted/convinced us so that He can prepare us and equip us to deal with them, eh. Jesus said that some demons can only be cast out if we have prayed and fasted first, that is, as a way of life, we are ready because we live ready. Praying now for your situation.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Just want to add that when we are casting out demons in Jesus name, although we need to be prepared and filled, we never want to lean on that or trust in anything we have done or not done, but realize we are ambassadors of Christ, His “agents” sent on His behalf to represent Him in person.

  4. Danette Says:

    Agreed, and thanks for the prayers.

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