A futile game

A comment i made on “spiritual warfare”:


The main error is when they read “we wrestle with principalities” they think it means we have to go after the principality, track it down, identify it, wrestle with it, then send it somewhere else (so it can bother people somewhere else?!! ) but “wrestling” with principalities actually means when they come against us we can “stand“, “having done all to stand, stand” ….. we get the victory in our personal life.


So, the person “chasing the dragon” has already been deceived by the dragon, it’s a game the devil plays with them, and the Christian wastes their life doing futile things.

One Response to “A futile game”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    I forgot to mention, there is absolutely no teaching, precedent or example of modern “spiritual warfare” in the Bible. Not one reference. You never find Jesus doing it. They cast demons out of people, but no more than that.

    Then, people confuse intercession with “spiritual warfare”. Let’s not be confused or confuse others.

    But, it’s amazing how a whole industry sprang up from something which is not even in the Bible. That’s the devil, distracting Christians from living in reality and actually being effective.

    For anything in the Christian life we should have an example in the New Testament. No example there of anyone binding principalities etc. However, casting demons out of individuals can be done as the Spirit leads, and in prayer we can command satan to leave people, even from a distance.

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