You will never ever find a Christocentric preacher or teacher who merchandises God’s word or masses personal wealth from his “ministry”, for if he did he would no longer be Christocentric. In every case where these things exist the message is Anthropocentric: man is at the center, and Jesus Christ an accessory. Look at any of the memes of TV preachers and you’ll see they all say one thing, they say if you do such and such, or believe such and such, it will be good for YOU. YOU are the center. YOU getting what you want is the center. Check it out. Compare with scripture. Their message is worthless. Stick to reading the Bible.

2 Responses to “Christocentric”

  1. milind Says:

    Like believers who come to church to worship in order to satisfy their egos/self but don’t really care whether God is satisfied with their worship or not.

    They are happy as long as things go on according to what they think is right and are not bothered if it violates God’s Word.

    That is a deception which we have to be careful lest we stray away from true worship.

    Ideally, I feel if we are able to satisfy God through our worship/lives, we will receive satisfaction/peace from God instead of us trying to achieve it. Performance is not needed just obedience is sufficient (like the servants in Luk17:10)

  2. ian vincent Says:

    And the funny thing is that some people will see your obedience and say, “Ha! He’s trying to perform for God!”.

    My observation is that when nominal Christians encounter an obedient Christian it makes them nervous, and any sound teaching they label “legalism”.

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