The “spiritual flavor of the month” fads (like The Shack, or any other fad) seem to assume that Christians could not have understood the nature of God simply by reading the Bible.


They come bouncing on the scene to try and save us from the Bible.


One Response to “Fads”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Re: The Shack: then the game of cat and mouse starts when its proponents say it’s only fiction. On one hand they say it has helped them spiritually, then when you prove it is false, they about turn and say it is “only” fiction, it is not theology.

    So, if it doesn’t matter whether the message it conveys is true how can it be of spiritual benefit?

    How can it not matter whether the thing which supposedly benefits you is true or not??

    So, it is the fantasy element of The Shack which supposedly helps people face the truth of who Jesus Christ is?

    Again, just engaging people in the logical process soon reveals whether they are in touch with reality or not.

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