It’s only fiction, it’s not theology!

Re: The Shack:  The game of cat and mouse starts when its proponents say it’s “only fiction”.

On one hand they say it has helped them spiritually, then when you prove it is false, they about turn and say it is “only” fiction, it is not theology.

So, if it doesn’t matter whether the message it conveys is true how can it be of spiritual benefit?

Now, how can it NOT matter whether the thing which supposedly benefits you is true or not??

“Oh, that was a blessing, so it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it’s not theology!”

So, it is the fantasy element of The Shack which supposedly helps people face the truth of who Jesus Christ is?

Again, just engaging people in the logical process soon reveals whether they are in touch with reality or not.


2 Responses to “It’s only fiction, it’s not theology!”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    On “The Shack”: the Bible uses metaphors for God, but this doesn’t give us license to create any kind of metaphor we can imagine, and i think God the Father would object to being portrayed as a woman, probably on the grounds that it’s plain idiotic.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    A comment by:

    Teresa Shepherd Neff

    I think movies like “the shack,” are a type of use of psychological warfare, yes demonic, and anti Christian, and is a type of propaganda or programming.

    A whole lot Of people have talked about reeducation camps, for a few years now. But we do not need these reeducation camps, we have news media, Hollywood, music, and public schools already doing a great job.

    Making a movie, to make a social comment, to get people to focus on something they want to change, is not new in Hollywood, or any other media. I remember a lot of that in the “60’s” with music.
    Taking people on a heart wrenching journey, a journey in which every parent, grandparent, or potential parent might fear, making the audience feel this pain, or remember some past pain to compare it with, and causes people to side with this character in the book who is the father of a precious little girl, who is kidnapped, sexually abused and killed.(I read the book, 8 years ago, before I came out of NAR,&a it disturbed me then, because I had already been seeing error)

    Now take this emotional gut wrenching heartache that is in the book and now the movie, and you have started to feel, and you are on a emotional journey and have Compassion for this character, knowing how you would feel, then, at a critical time in this father’s heartache, he meets a black woman who he feels comforted by, and a man about 33 years old with blue jeans and a flannel shirt, and an Asian woman who seems flighty but is wise, and comforting.
    It is then revealed who they are, and you already have felt hope for this father when meeting these three people, because these people seem to be helping him, and then they reveal who they are, the black woman is God the father, who came to him as a black woman because the father that lost his daughter is white and racist, and the man with the blue jeans is Jesus, and the Asian woman, oh, she’s the Holy Spirit…

    This isn’t entertainment, this is how propaganda works!
    This is reeducation. Yes demonic, but using those who side with the anti Christian elitist agenda, which is also globalist.
    When you watch specials and documentaries where they consider the white male christian the enemy, when you go on Tumblir, and see the youth already believing, Christians are the problem. Hey then, the cure is reeducating Christians, to be more open to a one world religion, using tools such as in this movie, “the shack.”
    This is leading to universalism, and bringing us into the one world church who will endorse the person of the “Antichrist.

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