Healing and the Atonement

A comment i made on FB: Healing must not be placed as equal with forgiveness of sin in the Atonement, and this is a common error these days. The Atonement deals with sin, not sickness. It’s obvious, otherwise our bodies would never die, we would keep on living, there could be no organ failure if this was dealt with by the Atonement. Also, if sickness was taken away in the Atonement then it would be a sin to get sick, even catching a cold would be sin, for it would mean you don’t believe in the Atonement. This doesn’t negate the fact that Jesus still heals today, and God’s general will is we be healthy.


The fact that Jesus healed multitudes BEFORE He made Atonement for our sins is an indication that physical healing is something separate from the Atonement.

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