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The parallel “universe”

April 29, 2017


April 29, 2017

A corrupt system will naturally attract corrupt people,  be it religion or politics.


April 29, 2017

For a true Christian, things can only be truly enjoyed with a clear conscience.

BE who God made you to be

April 29, 2017

You know, one thing the teaching on Spiritual Gifts (in 1 Cor. 12) tells us is to be happy with who God made us to be, just BE who God made you to be, and don’t try and be someone else.

Not Lord at all?

April 29, 2017

What is wrong with this statement?

“Unless Christ Jesus is Lord of all in our lives, He is not Lord at all.”

The statement seems to suggest that Jesus being your Lord is conditional on absolute perfection, but on that basis He could not be your Lord to begin with.

It’s better to say that when He becomes our Lord He sanctifies us progressively in every aspect of our life so that we become progressively conformed to Him, and we become in experience what we already are positionally in Christ.

The Remnant is everywhere

April 29, 2017

True Christians are a minority faith in the world, BUT, paradoxically, they are found in nearly every corner of the planet, among every tribe and language group, just as it’s prophesied in the Bible, and no other “faith” has this transcendence of all cultures.

It’s only fitting that the Creator and Savior of the human race have representatives in every outpost of humanity, to the ends of the earth.

According to foreknowledge

April 28, 2017

Elect [or chosen] according to the foreknowledge of God the Father...” (I Peter 1:2a)

This single phrase reveals so much.

Firstly, in context here, what did God foreknow about us? He knew we would make a choice to accept and follow Him, choosing to follow Him rather than follow sin.

So, God knew what we would choose, and therefore, on that basis, chose us, predestined us.

Look at the text again: “Elect [or chosen] ACCORDING TO the foreknowledge of God the Father…”

His predestining us is according to His foreknowledge.

It makes it easier to understand when we look at specific examples from Scripture.

Take, for example, God choosing Abraham.

In Abraham’s life God just appears on the scene and calls him, only him, and no one else.

Abraham has NOTHING to do with the calling, it was not his idea.

Now, God knew beforehand that Abraham would obey. This is indisputable.

And He approaches Abraham ACCORDING to this foreknowledge, or on the basis that He already knows Abraham’s decision.

He is not taking away Abraham’s freedom to choose, AND God is still in control, He is working His purpose and will, it’s not left to chance, or man’s plans or schemes.

God knowing what will happen, as amazing a fact as it is, beyond human comprehension, does not, by itself, explain God’s purpose and His power to declare the end from the beginning.

To say that predestination simply means God knows what will happen means God is not in control and is not working His purpose, and that can’t be right.

How would you like your Armageddon?

April 28, 2017

Voting for world leaders is like choosing how you want your Armageddon, rare, medium or well-done?

God hates the sinner?

April 28, 2017

Someone said, God hates the sinner, and loves him only if he repents.

I answered, if God hates the sinner, then, for you, as a justified by faith in Christ person, if and when you ever sin, God would have to start hating you if He is to remain impartial.


If He hates sinners, then, if you ever sin one time as a Christian He has to hate you as well.


No. He hates the sin, He loves the person.

Center of the Universe?

April 28, 2017

Dear western nation Christian, please check whether you think YOU are the center of the universe.

Not “if”, but “when”

April 28, 2017

With Bible prophecy it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

Everyone has their own kind of “Bible”

April 28, 2017

Let me read a few lines from YOUR “Bible” :


“…Everything created itself, out of nothing, for no reason, we were just very lucky all the atoms and molecules randomly came together the way they did…”

…What? You want me to stop? It’s embarrassing? But this is YOUR “Bible”! This is your belief system, right?

The baffling case of the mature Christian

April 28, 2017

“He sounds like a Baptist! Wait a moment, now he sounds like a Charismatic! …Uh? Now he sounds like a Calvinist! What? Now he sounds like an Arminian! Now he sounds like a House Churcher! Now he sounds like a Prophecy freak! Now he sounds like a Theologian!  Now he sounds like he’s into healing and deliverance! Now he sounds like he’s into preaching the Gospel! Now he sounds like he’s a Friendship evangelism guy! Now he sounds like an Endtimes guy! Now he sounds like he has a Discernment ministry! Now he sounds like a Holy Spirit man! Now he sounds like a Bible man! Now he sounds like a man of prayer!

I’m confused! Why can’t he just find a neat little pigeon hole and make it easier for us to categorize him?!”

Excuse me, Sir, what you have just described is a MATURE Christian.

Under the “spell” of Angus? Not yet.

April 27, 2017…/302712-massive-national-day-pray…

Angus shouted, “South Africa is a Christian nation!”

This WOF (Word of Faith) vocabulary is of trying to speak things into existence.

South Africa is soooo far from being a Christian nation, and yet, these people think that by declaring it Christian it will become Christian, then mistakenly using references to Israel to support it.

WOF people are really hung up over what are “faith” words and actions and those which are not, therefore they are trapped, for if they admit South Africa is not a Christian nation this means (to them) they are lacking faith. They always have to say things which will buoy their faith, even if they’re not true, which, of course, is not faith.

One of the elementary problems with the declaration is it’s a lie.

Now, it’s good that up to one million South Africans gathered to pray for their nation.

Some people feel very jealous of Angus Buchan and are making a lot of assumptions.

For some, the sheer numbers scare them.

Some are labeling Angus as a false prophet with a false gospel, and yet with no proof to back it up.

Now, I’ve expressed concern over the WOF, NAR and Dominionist leanings of Angus Buchan, however, this does not mean these one million South Africans who met for prayer are all in that camp, or are coming under the “spell” or control of Angus Buchan, though, no doubt, that element can’t be totally ruled out.

Two kinds of hope

April 26, 2017

People who’ve read the Bible either believe it’s true, or hope it’s not true.

Wishful thinking

April 26, 2017

The issue of Dominionism, the expectancy that Christians will take over the world before Jesus comes, is a false hope, and it’s tragic for Christians to cling to a false hope, and any such are heading for full delusion when the one world religion comes and they think it’s the Kingdom of God coming over all the earth. To think Christians will takeover the world means one is prepared to twist the truth in order to make their dream come true,  and anyone who does that is false, it’s a doctrine of convenience and wishful thinking.

A fish in water

April 26, 2017

Fish live their life in the water, Christians live their life IN Christ.


April 26, 2017

One of the signs of pseudo-spirituality is when a Christian chooses to isolate himself from all he deems  less spiritual than he.

A victory

April 26, 2017

Just the fact you’re praying means you’ve had a victory over the one who is doing everything he can to stop you praying.


April 26, 2017

Our joy is His joy, and His joy is our joy, if we are joined to the Lord.