Under the “spell” of Angus? Not yet.



Angus shouted, “South Africa is a Christian nation!”

This WOF (Word of Faith) vocabulary is of trying to speak things into existence.

South Africa is soooo far from being a Christian nation, and yet, these people think that by declaring it Christian it will become Christian, then mistakenly using references to Israel to support it.

WOF people are really hung up over what are “faith” words and actions and those which are not, therefore they are trapped, for if they admit South Africa is not a Christian nation this means (to them) they are lacking faith. They always have to say things which will buoy their faith, even if they’re not true, which, of course, is not faith.

One of the elementary problems with the declaration is it’s a lie.

Now, it’s good that up to one million South Africans gathered to pray for their nation.

Some people feel very jealous of Angus Buchan and are making a lot of assumptions.

For some, the sheer numbers scare them.

Some are labeling Angus as a false prophet with a false gospel, and yet with no proof to back it up.

Now, I’ve expressed concern over the WOF, NAR and Dominionist leanings of Angus Buchan, however, this does not mean these one million South Africans who met for prayer are all in that camp, or are coming under the “spell” or control of Angus Buchan, though, no doubt, that element can’t be totally ruled out.

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