Liberated by the “grace message”

A friend writes:

One young women told a friend of mine recently that she was so excited about this new found “grace message” that she has become liberated sexually and lost her fear and eventually her virginity. Her response to that was “it is so awesome to know that God has already forgiven me because all my sins were forgiven at the cross so everything I do now is not even sin”



One Response to “Liberated by the “grace message””

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Someone on FB replied to this:

    “It’s EXACTLY what happened to me . Listening ONLY to Grace based teaching kept me insensitive to sin in my life . The consequences of which were huge. It’s not that I found it encouraged me to sin loads , but more that it didn’t direct me towards a cleaner life- and desensitized me to it all. I never considered Gods disapproval . I feel so thankful to have repented and turned my life on track towards the truth and the straight and narrow way.”

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