When church unity fails to meet the NT standard

The subject of church unity across the body of Christ often comes up, in my circle, anyway. The simple answer is that the first century church also had to tackle with this issue regularly, and the NT is explicit as to what the issues concerning unity were: which things were granted flexibility under individual conscience, and which things were not tolerated under any circumstance, and how they dealt with dissenters. There’s nothing mysterious about their approach to church unity, contrary to popular opinion.
Here’s an example, I come across people who say they are in the “Anglican Communion”. They admit that perhaps, at a wild guess, half of the “Anglican Communion” are full-blown apostate Liberals, and can’t be called Christian. They say that the condition of these apostates does not affect them, and they don’t endorse them. But if half of your organization is corrupt, then you will be held accountable on Judgment Day for being a member of it, as being a member of the “Anglican Communion” causes you to be responsible for the state of it.
For a start, it is a lie. The Bible says there is no communion between light and darkness. So, if half of the “Anglican Communion” is darkness and the other half light, where’s the communion?
And the same could be said of many other denominations.

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