If we are in the millennium now…

A comment i made: It’s not hard to imagine why John Calvin would have wanted to believe he was already in the millennium (with the nasty
and messy great tribulation behind him) as it fitted the world he
had created around him, being called the “pope of Geneva” and
ruling with a fleshly authority over a system the first century church
would not have recognized, believing and doing things which would
have appalled them, and turning church and ministry into something
alien to what they knew – this particular interpretation fitted his ambition, justifying his abuse of spiritual authority, ultimately justifying murder, but not murder in his eyes, of course, as he thought he was ruling the earth in the millennium, executing temporal justice for Jesus.


Possibly the worst thing he taught was that Christ did not die for all, but for a few, of which by first century standards he would have been thrown out on his ear.

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