Dealing with the Text

A real Bible teacher is not too interested in whether you like their comments, rather than whether you’re dealing faithfully with the Text and want to know what the Text says.


One Response to “Dealing with the Text”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    It’s sad so many buy into the “Calvinism or Arminian” dichotomy, as these are man-made paradigms which were created many centuries after the church was established and the canon of Scripture closed. You cannot approach the Bible within the context of a man-made paradigm.

    Any argument originating from a false premise has no end, it’s a circular, never-ending argument.

    The only authentic way to approach the Bible is to deal directly with the text. As soon as you invoke Calvin or anyone else it is no longer a matter of dealing with the text.

    It’s not a matter of disregarding the history of orthodoxy, it’s about using such names to avoid dealing with the text.

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