God is good


Text:  Romans 2:1-11

Looking at this text holistically, it mentions people who never read the Bible, who know the moral law by instinct, naturally, that is, something God has instilled in them, and they know they are breaking the moral law, and they know instinctively that if God requires and desires them to repent of their sins this must mean that God is good, for it means they know God desires to forgive their sin, wash it away, and not punish them. They know that God is good, deep down, and that His command to repent must be an expression of His goodness.

Anyone can figure this out, and the text says that all men are aware of it. If God is calling someone to repent that is proof itself that God is good, for He doesn’t have to extend this offer, He could lawfully dispose of the transgressor without giving him the option of pardon. He is under no legal obligation to offer pardon, when His law cries for justice.

On the Cross of Calvary justice and mercy meet. Justice is served and mercy is extended on the basis that justice has been satisfied.

So, there’s a little more to this text than the slippery, smiley dudes on TV imply. Next time you sing, “God is good, all the time” remember it’s not that He doesn’t pour out His wrath and send people to hell forever, it’s that He leads men to repentance, wants to save their lives.


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