The Kingdom advancing?

A comment i made on Facebook:

When people talk about “the Kingdom advancing” on earth what they often mean is a physical kingdom, not a spiritual one.

The spiritual kingdom began 2000 years ago at Jesus death, resurrection and ascension and sending the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual Kingdom will only manifest into a physical kingdom when Jesus physically (bodily) returns.

Much of this earth will soon be obliterated, and up to one third of people will die.

This is no threat to the spiritual kingdom of God, which goes on regardless.

But if one thinks the Kingdom of God is presently a physical or temporal kingdom, then they would read the Book of Revelation as a defeat of that kingdom, for during the great tribulation their physical kingdom doesn’t seem to be advancing, then Christ catches His church up to be with him and it’s as if they’ve “abandoned ship”, abandoned the physical kingdom, and thus putting an end to any physical kingdom on earth, but coming down with Jesus to establish His Kingdom forever.


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