Cessationism assumes that if God were to do a miracle today it would somehow detract from the Gospel, undermining the authority of the original Apostles, therefore undermining the Gospel and the word of God. But this is total assumption.

See,  just because God used signs and wonders as just one of the validations (not the only one) of the original Apostles   it doesn’t follow that if He does a miracle today it then somehow negates that original validation, it could not mean that now God is stuck, He can’t do anything miraculous lest He invalidate the original Apostles.

If a total heathen is healed of a deadly disease when someone prays for them in Jesus name, and God touches his heart and he believes, and the miracle being the means by which God got his attention, then how does this, by itself, cause him to embrace a false gospel? How is the gospel changed?

Of course, people are prone to misunderstand such things, they may go chasing miracles, they may worship the man who prayed for them, …….or they may follow Jesus, realizing it is He who had mercy on them.


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