A comment i made on FB: The word “leader” is not in the New Testament. It springs from a man-made paradigm. Okay, here’s an example, let’s play a little game, I will be your leader and you will be my follower, okay? But you don’t go along with the game, so i say, Don’t you respect the leadership? Why can’t you submit to leaders? Many good believers “struggle to lead” because they are trying to be a square peg in a round hole, trying to function within a man-made paradigm.


Here’s another thing to consider, if “leader” is a legitimate term in the church then call the person you think is your leader, “leader”. Use the term liberally, openly and freely, talk about “my leader”, or “our leader” and so forth. Tell him, “you are my leader!” Why wouldn’t you do that if it were true? You don’t talk like that because deep in your heart you know it is not true, he is not your leader. He may be an elder to you, a shepherd to you, and many things, but he is not your leader.

2 Responses to “Leaders?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Someone says, “A shepherd will be leading”.

    Not when you consider that the plural eldership of a NT assembly ARE the Shepherds/Pastors, so there is not one man leading, and i hope people understand this is how Jesus established His church and it was functioning this way for at least the first 100 years.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    In a sense we could say the NT church had a leadership or leaders as long as we acknowledge that not one of them was the leader, and no local church had a leader, there were elders.

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