The big assumption

This comes up in discussions, that people often seem to assume that what they know of church today is how it’s always been, from the beginning. But you would think that even a cursory reading of the New Testament would tell you that church today is so very much different than it was in the first century. The essential difference is that church was birthed by Christ Himself to be relational: in relation to Him, then, through Him to each other. If you entered a first century church there would be almost nothing you could relate from the modern concept of it, all you would find is a group of people, probably sitting in a circle, talking, sometimes singing, sometimes praying. The location could be anywhere. We are talking about a very different spiritual reality. Relationship was everything, now, don’t think this strange, because relationship to Jesus Christ is indeed everything, so it’s impossible to have such a genuine relationship with Him and not with His people.

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