The most reprobate, filthy, evil sinner was saved because Jesus loved them when they were in that hopeless state, and they knew they were reprobate, filthy and evil, and they realized Jesus loved them enough to warn them of His wrath, revealing that He did not want them to perish, causing them to repent in deep gratitude.


The natural/carnal mind cannot understand that God’s loving someone does not necessarily mean He approves of what they do. God hates sin, and He loves sinners, but the love of God is either received or rejected. In the world we see the love of God has been rejected. In fact this proves God loves all, because they are judged for rejecting His love. And backsliders have not “kept themselves in the love of God” (Book of Jude) they have departed from His love. So, the love of God is not something random, which switches on and off.


There are many conditions given to promises in God’s word, many scriptures speak of God loving the whole world and Christ dying for everyone, demonstrating His love for sinners by dying for them, then, the condition of salvation is that His amazing love must be accepted, believed in, with the fruit of repentance, or they will perish.


God’s love is unconditional because scripture says He first loved us, when we were in our sins He died for us. Salvation is conditional upon faith, and repentance hinges on faith.


Human love is so fickle. We can think we love someone today, then lose our love for them by tomorrow. But God’s love is infinitely deeper than human love. It springs from His righteousness. He loves from a basis of Covenant, that is, keeping His own word.

3 Responses to “Love”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Human love has several dimensions, there’s a general love for your fellow man, for even people who are not in relationship to you, and there’s a deeper bond for family, close friends, and an even deeper bond of love still between husband and wife.

    In this context, then, it’s not so hard to see that God loved the whole world, but has a special love for His own.

    The Bible says that Jesus looked at the rich young ruler and loved him, even though He knew that man would reject Him. But His love for His Bride must be the ultimate manifestation of His love.

  2. Milind Says:

    Wonderful truths brother

    We can love only when we are able to understand/experience His love for all His creation.

    When we are unable to love others, it is because we have not truly understood His love.

  3. ian vincent Says:


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