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Rejoice always

February 28, 2018

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”

(Philippians 4:4)

Feeling generous

February 28, 2018

Feeling generous and feeling blessed could almost be synonyms.

Justice or Mercy

February 27, 2018
There is either Justice or Mercy, and every person will receive either Justice or Mercy.
Which one do you want?

The laughing spirit is not funny

February 27, 2018

From Facebook:

Sharing testimony of a Facebook friend. My heart broke for her. She shared she had gotten caught up in a false revival and she got the counterfeit Holy Spirit with the demonic laughter of Rodney Howard Browne. She could not quit laughing and could not cook, drive car so she stayed in her room and laughed her husband had to do everything. She went and talked to the revival staff and they assured her this was a sign from God that He was going to use her greatly. After 6 months her husband took the kids and left and she was still thinking she was right in the middle of Gods will. She was part of the revival team, but then the revival ended and the staff left and she was all alone. She fell into prostitution and drug abuse disillusioned and alone. She thought of suicide. When she shared with me she had been clean a few years and trying to rebuild her life. I think she said her husband had remarried. If anyone thinks there is no danger in false revivals and counterfeit Holy Spirit remember this poor lady, could have happened to us. I pray the Lord has blessed her mightily, i can’t remember her name but i will never forget her story. She got off Facebook after she shared with me. God Bless you my friend.

An Atheist meets Jesus

February 27, 2018
Suppose an Atheist was present when Jesus healed the man who was born blind.
The Atheist then says to Jesus, ‘I don’t believe God exists, therefore I cannot believe the blind man can now see’.
The Atheist says to the man who was healed, ‘I don’t believe you can see because you were born blind, and God does not exist, therefore it is impossible for you to see, so I don’t believe it’.
The man who was once blind tells him, ‘But I was born blind and now I can see!’
The Atheist replies, ‘That is what you believe, but I don’t believe it’.
The man replies, ‘But you saw it happen!’.
The Atheist replies, ‘I don’t believe I saw it happen, it could not have happened because God does not exist!’.

Flee the wrath to come

February 27, 2018
The Bible talks about “fleeing the wrath to come”.
Where can we flee to?
We must flee into the arms of the One who is bringing the wrath to come…
Jesus Christ.

We can wait

February 27, 2018
Someone asks, Don’t you want to see heaven, to see Jesus?
I’m gonna be there soon and see Him face to face, so I can wait.


February 27, 2018
With the same authority by which we resist satan’s temptations to sin we also cast demons out of people. If we cannot resist satan in our personal life then we can’t cast him out of others. It’s exactly the same spiritual authority in operation, through Jesus’ name.

Man’s greatest need

February 27, 2018

Man’s greatest need is to know the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Love is man’s greatest need.

Love also happens to be God’s greatest attribute.


The love of Christ is the greatest reality – it determines everything in our lives – it is the authority in our lives.



Every blessing we experience of the Father is Him saying, ‘I love you!’


This is the language of blessing.

May we reciprocate.

(Ephesians 1:3) “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ”

Your only chance

February 26, 2018

Jesus Christ is your only chance to live.

Those who love the Lord Jesus will live with Him forever and ever and ever and ever… for eternity.

The saga continues…..

February 26, 2018

The Billy Graham saga continues (some of my latest replies to anti-Graham folk on FB)

If being famous automatically makes one false, then how do you explain the fact that Jesus has millions of followers?

Woe unto Jesus when millions speak well of Him…. ?????

Woe unto Paul the Apostle! Millions still read his letters ever day!! ???????

Or woe unto AW Tozer! because Facebook is full of his quotes????

Or… Woe to those who lie about Billy Graham?

In the world people tend to have a funny kind of respect for anyone who becomes famous – many of the people who say they respect Billy Graham have not heeded his message to repent and be saved – many would have no idea, really, what he preached, nor would they care.

My point was Billy’s message was a blessing, and the people who say he was satan’s agent, in comparison, their message is not a blessing, and whatever errors Billy made, his critics have made worse error.

Like what DL Moody said when someone told him they did not like the way he preached the gospel: “I like the way I preach the gospel better than the way you don’t preach the gospel”.

Are you guilty of supporting the demonized folk who lie about Billy Graham? Do you support the dysfunctional Christians who have no real fellowship in real life because of their toxic and self-centered personalities (but who gather together like-minded toxic individuals on Facebook) who know everything that is wrong with Billy Graham but are blind to their own hypocrisy and perhaps don’t realize how deluded they are?


February 25, 2018

Have you worshiped God today? I don’t mean the Hillsong trip, I mean you sat or knelt before Him and acknowledged who He is, and His Son Jesus Christ? …Contemplating on who He is, what He is like, what He has done and what He is doing?

True prosperity

February 24, 2018
A comment I made regarding the definition of prosperity: We could also say, true divine prosperity is that abundance for which you didn’t have to beg, manipulate people or merchandise the gospel to obtain, or had to be covetous to attain, or to chase after wealth to obtain, or employ spiritual formulas to obtain, rather, a true stewardship given by God to faithful stewards.
True prosperity is not the result of loving money.
And all the wealth is God’s…
…man just borrows it.

The Beatles

February 24, 2018

John Lennon once famously said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, but only a few short years have passed and who remembers the Beatles? or would be willing to die for them?

Real life fellowship

February 24, 2018

I commented on Facebook:

To some of my dysfunctional Christian friends on Facebook (such as people who think Billy Graham was the devil’s ambassador) please try and meet some real Christians face to face in real life (away from Facebook) and see if your rantings are acceptable. Because when it comes to real fellowship you can’t go on as you do on Facebook, switching the subject, twisting things around. No real Christian will accept that from you, that is, in real life. And if you don’t have any real Christian friends in real life (not Facebook) to whom you are accountable then forget “exposing evil” for a while and get a life.

Loving the Lord Jesus

February 24, 2018

Loving the Lord Jesus means to love everything about Him and everything He does – you love His discipline and correction as much as you love His glory, joy, healing, deliverance and blessings, you love His truth, His guidance, His sanctification, His holiness, His warnings – you love His ways, you love His light, you love His wisdom, you love His goodness, mercy and compassion – you love His gifts, you love His fellowship, His friendship, His companionship, His holy, joyful presence, and you love His wrath, His righteous indignation – you love His word – you love Him.


February 23, 2018

What do you mean by Hyper-spiritual ?

Thinking they are more spiritual than they are in reality.

Hyper-spiritual is a subtle deception, and it’s a Catch 22, because if someone needs experiences, and seeks experiences, and then gets experiences, they are trapped in a closed loop, almost like an addict, and God is not known by experiences, though He can give them,  He is known by faith in Jesus Christ, He is known deep in our spirit, for that is where His Spirit dwells – not on the external, the surface, the senses, or even just the mind and thoughts.

Another aspect of Hyper-spiritual is “God told me” everything, even when to brush my teeth, “God told me” – so for the Hyper-spiritual it is very important to tell anyone who will listen what “God told them” and who is to argue with God? It’s not real.


The irony with the “hyper-spiritual” is he is still carnal, but doesn’t know it.


February 23, 2018

Sometimes people observe that Jesus had so few followers, He was not popular.

Yes, when He was on earth He had few disciples, but now He has millions. His “popularity” has increased exponentially:

“After this I beheld, and, lo, A GREAT MULTITUDE, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands” (Revelation 7:9)

Jesus is far more “popular” than any of His servants, as it should be.


February 23, 2018

The God of the Bible (the only God) is a God of wonders.

He does wonders, the Bible says. All His works are wonders.

It’s to make us wonder…

…about who He is.

The wonders of His love in Jesus Christ His Son.

Let us not lose our sense of wonder.

Wonder is inseparable from worship.


February 22, 2018

Those who detach themselves from the reality of genuine fellowship end up detached from reality.