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The NT Greek word for “church” is “Eklessia” : “Ek” meaning out, and “lessia” meaning called, so a called-out group of people. The word comes from the Greek political assembly, which was called The Eklessia. Though it’s a simple enough concept it is packed with meaning: Called out of what, and called unto what? Called for what purpose? Who does the calling? What if they’re not called? ….. It’s pretty clear that the Eklessia is defined by the ONE who does the calling, Jesus Christ, who calls people out of the world and unto Him, out of sin and unto righteousness, that the purpose of the assembling together is totally defined by the One who called the assembly, for He calls a people together in Him and to Him, and for Him and by Him. If it’s not about Him then it’s probably not His assembly, but if it’s about Him, His purpose, His truth, His teaching, His kingdom, His love and righteousness, then it’s most likely His Eklessia, His assembly. So, Eklessia is a calling from Jesus Christ. We need to heed His call to come together at His feet.

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