Keep trusting

As a Christian you need to keep trusting God no matter what happens or how you feel.

One Response to “Keep trusting”

  1. Mark Bryan Finger Says:

    Interesting. Trust is an important component of faith, actually vital, for faith only extends as far as trust. Where does trust come from? Conviction based upon revelation in the words of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s not that faith isn’t sensible; it’s entirely sensible. It’s just that, when your mind is renewed by God, our perspective [and the entire framework of our understanding] is at odds with that of the world. Moreover, the world’s way of thinking and doing no longer makes sense to us. We cannot go back. We can only go forward with God, continuing on His narrow path. That’s the true evidence of faith, an uncompromising continuance in the things of God, as He defines them and illuminates them to our understanding.

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