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Christ-exalting worship

June 30, 2018

Christ-exalting worship can only flow from people who have truly contemplated the nature of God as revealed in scripture, evidenced through all his creation, and who, thus, find him and his attributes and works the focus of their love and adoration. We would expect such a person to have such great praise flowing spontaneously from their heart.

All these things

June 30, 2018

Get out in nature, look around, then look to heaven and confess, All these things your hand has made!

The outward

June 30, 2018

The inward always expresses itself in the outward, for better or worse.

Don’t think much of God?

June 30, 2018

If we don’t think long and deeply of the things of God then we don’t think much about God.

Killing the unborn

June 29, 2018

Killing the unborn could be reason enough for God to wipe nations off the map. Out of sight, out of mind? Not with God.

Doing the best you can

June 29, 2018

There’s doing the best you can, and there’s doing the best you can WITH God’s grace and blessing helping you, and there’s a big difference.

Worry evaporates

June 29, 2018

When I spend time contemplating who our Father in heaven is, and who his Son is, and the glory, and the promises, my little worries evaporate.

Not the God of the Bible

June 28, 2018

Time to judge righteous judgment, the author of The Shack reveals he is not a Christian:


June 28, 2018

The commands of the New Testament appeal to different motives than the commands of the Purpose-Driven church growth movement.

Moral Civil War

June 28, 2018

America is entering an unprecedented moral civil war,  fueled by vitriolic hatred, with both the Left and the Right accusing the other of being immoral, but we are talking about very selective, myopic and hypocritical views of morality.


June 28, 2018

Anti-Semitic is anti-christ in nature, and the heart of Antisemitism is to deny God gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people forever.

Anti-Semitic = anti-christ = enemy of Christ.

Missed out

June 28, 2018

If you missed your prayer time you missed out on an incredible experience with an incredible Person.

A great wickedness

June 27, 2018
“… it is a great wickedness to tell people who are on the road to destruction that they are not. To tell them that they are safe when it comes to God’s wrath when they are not…”
~ Rico Tice

Without the fear of God

June 27, 2018

A person without the fear of God thinks they can sin and God won’t punish them.

His way

June 27, 2018

There was a day recently when I neglected to spend quality time alone with God in the morning, and later in the day I made such a stupid mistake buying the wrong thing and messing up a job I was doing. I was desensitized to the Holy Spirit, so I could not hear him clearly in decision making. The Father gently taught me (again) the folly of not putting him first, for then we are doing things on our own, or in our own wisdom, which is a disaster.

And surely this is one way the Father disciplines his sons, is he allows them to try living and making decisions apart from hearing the voice of his Holy Spirit, and, by reason of use, we learn the folly of our own way, and the wisdom of his way.  (Hebrews 5:14, 12:10)

But… important to clarify that we don’t seek him first in order to have success, but because he is worthy, and it would be a crime not to.

The essential issue here is concerning honoring God. There are good benefits which spring forth from honoring God, and there is a cost when we don’t, and that’s a very good thing. His discipline is wonderful.

Soon to be forgotten

June 26, 2018

All the great people of the world will soon be gone and forgotten forever.

Prayer responsibilities

June 26, 2018

Prayer responsibilities – specific people of whom the Father has given us a responsibility to faithfully uphold in prayer.

Your new nature

June 26, 2018

If you are born of the Spirit your new nature is of the Spirit, as Jesus said, “that which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit”.

Light of the world

June 25, 2018

Jesus said he is the light of the world, then he said his disciples are the light of the world, and Peter said these disciples shine as lights in the world, so, if you took away all the true disciples from the world there would be no light anywhere, only total darkness. Jesus Christ has so much invested in his people that he even calls them the light of the world.

The highlight of our day

June 25, 2018

The greatest thing in life, and the highlight of our day, is to seek the face of the Lord, spending time alone in prayer and waiting on God.

It is so great a privilege and blessing nothing else can be compared to it…

…to him.