Rule of law

The rule of law must be upheld at all costs, and as Poirot said, “if it falls you pick it up and hold it even higher”. There are certain elements in society who are always testing the boundaries of the rule of law as to whether they can bend it to suit their own interests, at the expense of the interests of others. A Christian looks for a kingdom to come, but they are thankful to God wherever he has sovereignly and graciously kept the rule of law in effect, and the subsequent civilized society. The rule of law means if you break the law you receive justice, you are punished according to the nature of the offense. In some societies we are seeing a break down of the rule of law, where violent groups are permitted to operate outside the rule of law because they are too dangerous to rein in, they are holding civilization hostage, they are the de facto authority by mob rule. In some societies, with the help of social media, where enough people mobilize together they can successfully become their own law and do what they like, and the authorities are powerless to stop them. Humanism and Liberalism has bred a new kind of political leader, the spineless jellyfish, unwilling to enforce the rule of law, and such are not leaders at all, they are patsies, and the mob will rule them.

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