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Does God promise healing?


Yes, in the general sense, but it is a conditional promise.


In the Old Testament it was conditional upon obedience to God.


Jesus said all things are possible to him who believes.


Note, all things are POSSIBLE.


Healing is always possible.


But it is always God’s prerogative to deny the request.




Paul healed MANY people, but he could not heal Timothy, Trophimus or even himself.




This shows there has to be a revelation of God’s specific will.


Paul could not heal people by his own will.

One Response to “Healing”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Paul could not heal people by an act of his own will.

    This is something Cessationists don’t understand.

    They say that if someone had a gift of healing today they could go to the hospital and heal all the sick there.

    There was never such a gift which could be used by self will.

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