Saturday afternoon ramblings



Was thinking about World War 2, the “war to end all wars”.


The Nazi evil was the worst in human history.


Therefore, the defeat of Hitler was the greatest military victory in history.


You only have to think of what the world would have been like if Hitler won.


You would have had gas chambers in Britain and America.


A terrible price was paid to defeat that evil.


A worse price would have been paid if the allies had failed.


Mankind faced the greatest evil it ever had to face and sent it back to hell where it belongs.


The greatest test the human race ever faced, and it passed the test.


Then, the post-war era saw a boom period of prosperity and development, also unparalleled in history.


A literal explosion, the baby boom, technological boom, and a man on the moon, a feat most nations are still incapable of today.


The prosperity of the post war era also produced the so-called “sexual revolution”, and the advent of “free love”, before the coming of HIV AIDS in the 80s slowed that down.


Out of the ashes of unspeakable suffering and inhumanity rose something great, but that greatness gave way to moral decay.


Would this present generation of snow flakes be able to annihilate another “Hitler”?


No chance.


Many of them don’t even know who Hitler was.


The post modern era.


I don’t know what you call the present era.


The dumbed-down Liberal era?

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