Can’t wait

Heaven is a physical place. It has the same precious stones as found on earth, according to the Book of Revelation. It’s like a super luxury hotel of staggering beauty, wealth and opulence.


Gold, the most precious substance on earth, which, down here, men fight and die for, is, up there, used for the road and footpath, the great idol of earth is there put under our feet, a deeply symbolic meaning.


And what will you feel when you arrive in Heaven?


When you see Jesus you will perfectly know how much He loves you, and you will perfectly love Him.


You will see the Father. You will be overwhelmed to know you are His child.


You will know this is where you belong, forever.


Question is, are you going there?

One Response to “Can’t wait”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Heaven is a physical place because Jesus is there in a physical, flesh and bone body.

    All symbolism points to something literal or concrete.

    Symbols are not illusions, they point to something real.

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