A “real” church

I would not be rude or offensive to observe that the majority of the body of Christ has been conditioned to think that a church without a band, song leader or “worship service” is not a real church, and perhaps so different it could be dangerous. I think this is a realistic assessment.


It doesn’t mean there’s necessarily anything wrong with these things, but if one thinks these things are what makes a church a “real” church, then they’re still, at best, very immature.

One Response to “A “real” church”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    So, why would people think these are necessary for a real church?

    They think the style of modern music attracts the Holy Spirit to come, and that He won’t work without it, and that His presence is not there without it.

    So, that’s superstition.

    So many Christians are believing in superstition.

    Or, they think that, if not, God will be offended because He has not been “worshipped”.

    Which, again, reveals an ignorance of how God defines worship.

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