I can’t sing it

Modern worship


If I can’t pray it, I won’t sing it.

One Response to “I can’t sing it”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Commented on Jesus Culture music:

    I listened to the first half.

    The only thing I would comment is the subject is about her need.

    And of course we need the Lord and only Him, but it’s a subtle shift to make our need the main thing.

    Personally, when I meet with the Father in the prayer closet, I would not talk to Him that way, as in the lyrics of the song.

    Its not about me or my need.

    Obviously we need Him.

    And He knows we know we need Him.

    If I can’t pray it, I won’t sing it.

    Also, the music format is banal, in my opinion.

    I do have a hang up over the superficiality of American culture, rather, what it has degenerated into.

    Seems like they’re trying to manufacture emotions.

    The real joy of the Lord is usually absent from this modern stuff. It reflects the emptiness of their lives.

    Remember that Bethel is a cult. A counterfeit spirit is at work there.

    Personally, I think this song, if listened to over and over, would cause depression.

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