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The time of Jesus birth

November 16, 2019




From what we have observed about the approximate time of John’s birth, it should be easy to compute that of Jesus. Luke said that Jesus was conceived sometime in the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy (Luke 1:26, 36). Five full months had passed and Elizabeth was then in her sixth month. Since John the Baptist was probably born some time around March 10, 3 B.C.E., Jesus’ birth would be near September in 3 B.C.E.




Here is the whole chapter if you want to see how he arrives at September, but I certainly don’t endorse this guy at all, it’s just that the scriptural reasoning here seems reasonable.


One thing, the early church had ZERO interest in celebrating Jesus birth, and perhaps no interest in knowing exactly when He was born.

Tell Him

November 16, 2019

If ya can’t pray, the best thing you can do is tell Him about it. And before you know it you’re praying.

Worst enemy

November 16, 2019

The worst enemy of a hateful person is himself.

Finding His will

November 16, 2019

When we lay it all down at His feet and say, “Thy will be done!” then we’re in a very good place to actually find out what His will is.

That first moment

November 15, 2019

What’s the first realization you have after you die?


It’s either that Heaven is real, or Hell is real.


Depending on where you go.

From above

November 15, 2019

Depression, temptation, discouragement, oppression……


These are all PART of this world.


So, the answer will not come from this world.


The answer has to come from somewhere else.


Guess where?


From above.


Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.


November 15, 2019

“So let your light shine before men…”


It assumes we have some kind of meaningful contact with people.


November 15, 2019

We would pray for them

November 15, 2019

There’s probably people in our life, which, if we humbled ourselves more, we would pray for.

Find out now

November 15, 2019

There’s things everyone finds out after they die, but its better to find out beforehand by reading the Bible.

Life choice

November 15, 2019

You’re either Jesus’s man or the devil’s man. There’s your actual life choice.


November 15, 2019

The grace of God produces men and women of God.


November 15, 2019

When your acceptance is in Jesus then how you relate to people changes.

His gift

November 15, 2019

If the devil has a “gift” we could say it is to make that which is not true appear to be true.


November 15, 2019

Every person has a certain standing in the world, but none of that matters anymore when we stand before God.


November 14, 2019




November 14, 2019

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A little Bible study

November 14, 2019



“But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. ”


1 Corinthians 11:3


So…. we find women struggling to submit to their husbands.


And we find men struggling to submit to Christ.


BUT….. we never find Christ struggling to submit to His Father.

More power?

November 14, 2019

Now, why would you be uncomfortable imploring God for more of the power of the Holy Spirit, unless your motive was selfish?

Confidence in God

November 14, 2019

True prayer, itself, is an act of confidence in God.